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Irish Boxer Is Attacked By Angry Shopkeepers In Istambul

A massive fight broke out in a street in Istambul involving and Irish boxer who was visiting the city and about a dozen local shopkeepers. The fight originated after the boxer pulled a refrigerator door too hard and accidentally caused some plastic bottles to fall to the floor.

The owner of the business immediatly came out from behind the counter armed with a stick and ready to hit the tourist. The boxer was not intimidated by it and actually provoked the owner before reaching for the stick and starting a scramble that made a little more damage to the property.

Things escalated quickly and more people got involved in the brawl against the foreigner. The boxer tried to defend himself from the simultaneous attack of the shopkeepers and even took the time to remove his sunglasses and protect them before launching back to the fight.


He was able to knock out one of his aggressors with a mean right cross. It seemed to boost his confindence as he then became the attacker for a second or two before being overwhelmed by the number of opponents.

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