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Hot Video: Felice Herrig Shows Off Tattoo On Her Bum

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Felice Herrig is and amazing fighter that is also known to be very sexy in the way she does things. Before she was involved in the UFC with the Reebok sponsorship, she would come to weigh-ins in sexy superhero costumes, schoolgirl outfits and sometimes even lingerie.

Not too long ago, Herrig got a tattoo on her backside and also released a video with a close-up of it. Felice Herrig knows that she is gorgeous and it is one of the reasons that she is a crowd during her fights. People know who she is and they want to see her fight because she has marketed herself in a sexy way.


As shown above, it shows that Herrig has landed herself in various fitness magazines and she is really making a name for herself. On the next page, it features the video of Herrig showing a close-up of the tattoo on her bum.

(click on page #2 tab below to see the video of the tattoo on Felice Herrig’s bum)

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