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Hot Pics Inside: Meet Conor McGregor’s Hot Older Sister

These days everyone talks about Conor McGregor, the Irish champion is all over the media every day, but have you ever heard about his older sister? Well, in case you haven’t, we’ll tell you a little bit about her in this interesting gallery. And if you already know about her then just enjoy the photos!

Aoife McGregor Elliot has just been discovered by the Mixed Martial Arts fans due to a photograph posted on Instagram by the UFC lightweight champion during Aoife’s wedding (that’s right guys, she’s off the market so you’ll have to figure out another form to get to Conor).

Aoife is 32 years old and works for a mini digger hiring company in Dublin, Ireland. She got married during New Year’s Eve and happy brother Conor shared a few photos of the wedding on his social media. Aoife shared a few photos of herself during the honeymoon, like this:


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