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Video: Hear Punches Land Cageside As McGregor Takes Out Alvarez

UFC 205 was a historic event at for the UFC. You could hear the crowd roaring at every exciting part of the event. Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez served as the main event and it ended up being a spectacular one.

Todd Frazier was cageside at the event and was able to catch the finish with his phone. Even through the crowd you could hear McGregor’s devastating punches land on Alvarez. It was quite the event to be at. According to Dana White, it broke all sorts of records for the UFC and even Madison Square Garden.

It is unknown who McGregor will face next. Whoever it is, it will be one hot ticket. McGregor is a two-division champion and all sorts of people are calling him out. McGregor backed up his words with his fists and he is now cemented as one of the p4p best in the sport.

There are a lot of people that discredit McGregor because of his loss to Diaz. Even Anderson Silva had struggles in Pride FC when he was about the same age as McGregor. Alvarez is one of the best fighters in the world and McGregor took him out with ease. This shows that McGregor is showing signs of a young Anderson Silva in his prime.


On the next page is the video Frazier took of McGregor taking out Alvarez. It is quite exciting to see.

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