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Germaine de Randamie Explains Late Punches On Social Media

Newly crowned UFC women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie has just arrived to her country and shared her thoughts about the fight on her Facebook page. She claims to understand the controversy and maintains that she is a clean fighter.

“I want to say that it was a heated battle with lots of emotion but I AM NOT a dirty fighter. I have always trained to fight to the end or until the referee steps in. Never did I punch around or over the referee to deliver a cheap shot on Holly.”

It seems like de Randamie has been doing some thinking since becoming the first female featherweight champion in the history of the UFC. She has begun her reign with the left foot in the eyes of the fans. First with the controversy over the 2 late punches, then during her Octagon interview when presented with the chance to sell the fight against Cris Cyborg -who happened to be cageside, she immediatly said she wanted to have surgery on her hand for an injury she suffered a long time ago.


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