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Cody Garbrandt Recalls “Beating Up’ TJ Dillashaw In Sparring

Cody Garbrandt Recalls “Beating Up’ TJ Dillashaw In Sparring

Current UFC Bantamweight champion Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt and former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw were once teammates. Team Alpha Male in Sacramento is considered one of the top gyms for lighter weight fighters. It was home to TJ Dillashaw during his path to the title.

Its no secret that Dillashaw and Team Alpha Male suffered a less than amicable split when Dillashaw left to train with former UFC fighter Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig. Heading into their title fight versus each other, they clearly have somewhat of an idea of what to expect considering their history. But if you ask them who got the better of who in the gym, you’ll hear two radically different stories…

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Dillashaw says that he once out performed Garbrandt in the gym so bad that it made him cry. Garbrandt on the other hand, claims to have video footage of Dillashaw being knocked out cold in the sparring session in the gym. Although that footage has yet to be released to the public. Garbrandt claims to have always gotten the better of Dillashaw in sparring. During an interview with MMA Weekly, Garbrandt divulged his confidence heading into his title defense vs Dillashaw.


So I’m supremely confident going in there Nov. 4. I’m better than him everywhere and I guarantee it — he doesn’t have a strong chin. He will not be able to take a strike, a blow from me with four-ounce gloves on. He wasn’t able to do it with a 16-ounce glove and he won’t be able to do it in a four-ounce glove. So if TJ makes it all five rounds, goes the distance, that’s a win for him. The first hard punch I land on TJ, he’ll go to sleep. He’ll go to sleep and I’ll rain down punches on him.


Garbrandt and Dillashaw will settle their beef in the co-headliner of UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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