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Funny Video: Watch Conor McGregor Outrun A Horse

A lot was said about Conor McGregor this past weekend. His PPV interview “An Experience with Conor McGregor” provided the media with plenty of quotes and material to talk about. If McGregor left one thing clear is that he believes he can do whatever he chooses to do, and be dominant at any sport in any given moment.

Although he has said he has rejected movie roles, WWE appearances and different side projects, we have been seeing him in a series of advertisements for the Pegasus World Cup horse race, in which he is shown being trained to be a jockey. His coach is none other than expert Jon Lovitz, so you can already imagine the kind of results Conor will get on the day of the race.

This Sunday, the Irishman shared on his Twitter account the last advertisement of the series and truth be told, it is actually pretty funny.


(click on page #2 tab to watch the hilarious advertisement)

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