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Were Frank Dux And The Movie ‘Bloodsport’ The Inspiration For The UFC?

Frank Dux was on ‘The Voice Versus Frank Dux’ a few years ago and talked about the similarities between UFC 1 and the movie ‘Bloodsport'(which is based on Dux competing in the Kumite) and how the UFC was possibly inspired by that movie. Dux then mentioned how the clash of styles and how there were no weight classes in the first UFC very much like the movie Bloodsport and it even resembled when Dux originally competed in the Kumite Tournament in the 1970’s. Dux apparently holds a heavyweight record of 329-0 in the Kumite tournaments combined from 1975-1980.


A big difference between Bloodsport and the UFC is that they fought in a cage originally in the UFC and they still continue to do it currently to this day. The fighters in Bloodsport were on an open mat and always had the possibility of falling off the edge, but in the real Kumite there was no elevated surface of which they could fall off of. Here is a video that shows a few of the differences between the movie in Hong Kong and the real life Kumite that Dux was in, which took place in the Bahamas.

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