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Former K-1 Champion Kickboxer Is Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison

The Supreme Court of The Hague sentenced this Tuesday kickboxer Badr Hari to two years in prison, 10 months conditionally suspended. The Dutch fighter was found guilty on two counts of aggravated assault, one for an attack at the Amsterdam Arena and another at night club Sensation White, where assaulted now deceased businessman Koen Everink. Although Everink was murdered in his home in March last year Hari is not a suspect for that crime.

According to reports, after Hari’s time in custody is subtracted from the sentence, he still has to spend about 6 months in jail. He also has to pay 45 thousand euros in damages. The court found Hari guilty of assaulting Everink. The other suspect in the case, Ferhat Y., was acquitted. Hari filed an appeal against the ruling with the Supreme Court.


Rumors about Badr Hari’s sexuality have also been questioned over his career, including a supposed romance with a very famous European athlete.

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