Irish Boxer Is Attacked By Angry Shopkeepers In Istambul

A massive fight broke out in a street in Istambul involving and Irish boxer who was visiting the city and about a dozen local shopkeepers. The fight originated after the boxer pulled a refrigerator door too hard and accidentally caused some plastic bottles to fall to the floor.

The owner of the business immediately came out from behind the counter armed with a stick and ready to hit the tourist. The boxer was not intimidated by it and actually provoked the owner before reaching for the stick and starting a scramble that made a little more damage to the property.

Things escalated quickly and more people got involved in the brawl against the foreigner. The boxer tried to defend himself from the simultaneous attack of the shopkeepers and even took the time to remove his sunglasses and protect them before launching back to the fight.

He was able to knock out one of his aggressors with a mean right cross. It seemed to boost his confidence as he then became the attacker for a second or two before being overwhelmed by the number of opponents.

The boxer had to cover his face and block some of the attacks with his forearm. The Turkish hit him repeatedly with sticks and other objects. After a few seconds he took cover in a doorstep but with adrenaline pumping in his body he decided to go back out.

He was able to reach his target and landed a clean shot to the head. Obviously this action reignited the fight and he had to run back to safety. A few moments later he went back out but fortunately was intercepted by some bystanders who stopped him from going over to the store where it all began.

He was then taken to a nearby hospital where they put a cast on his arm due to the amount of strikes he had received. Footage made a big wave in the local media and a few hours later the press spoke to the boxer -who of course was wearing the sunglasses he managed to protect during the brawl.

Video: Former World Champion Boxer Gets Into A Gym Brawl

Former world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (25-1, 17 KOs) got into a brawl in a gym in Miami, Florida. According to people present at the gym, a heated argument broke out between Gamboa and an unknown individual, and things got physical in seconds.

Witnesses say the other individual threw a punch at the boxer and that sparked the fight. People eventually jumped in to break up the fight, and while Gamboa was being restrained he landed a combination that appeared to put the unknown individual out.

Gamboa’s last fight was back in December 2015 when he defeated Hylon Williams. He was scheduled to fight South African Malcom Klassen (33-6-2, 17 KO’s) on December 17 as part of the undercard to a big event in Réunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, but the fight fell apart on the morning of the bout.

According to multiple reports by the local media, police raided Klassen’s hotel room and found the fighter, his trainer, and a nurse in possession of illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs. The boxer and his trainer were arrested and taken into custody to face charges. Their team has denied the allegations of having PEDs.

Video: Cocky Weed Dealer F*** Boy Gets It Handed To Him

In the streets, it is good to have your wits about you. You never know what the next person is capable of and it is not a guarantee that somebody will be intimidated by your size or your loud voice. A lot of people try to bully others by intimidation alone and do not have any fighting skill at all.

In the world of drugs and dealing, people get mad when they get cheated out of money. The larger teen in this video tries to intimidate everyone around him, but figures that walking up to people with his chest out like a pigeon will intimidate others into getting what he wants.

On the next page, you will see what happens when this f*** boy thinks that he can smash everyone around him and think that he is the boss by intimidation and size alone. Some people in this life just have to learn lessons the hard way.

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Crazy Street Fight Involving Crazy Redneck Women

It is uncertain what makes a fight intriguing between two women that are rednecks. Maybe it is the Jerry Springer classic scenario, maybe it is the accent, but the fights just somehow are just that much funner to watch. In the featured video, there is quite a bit of hilarious profanity back and forth before they finally engage.

Once each of them engage, there is hair-pulling, butt-crack and plenty more swearing to go along with it. Both people in this video look like traditional soccer moms and this is one of the reasons that this fight is quite hilarious.

On the next page, the video has both of them going at it with everything they’ve got and they do not hold back. Unlike MMA fights, there are no rules and this is what makes the fight even better. Technique goes out the window from the start and the anger just keeps escalating as the fight goes along.

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Fight Video: Girls Tear Off Each Other’s Dresses Outside Of Elevator

When two angry girls are out in public, anything can happen. Two girls were caught on video tearing each other’s clothes off and it got quite nasty. Hair was pulled, dresses were ripped and there was lots of yelling and swearing.

There is an ideal way that men wish that girl fights would happen, but it is never that pretty. Girl fights usually end in very awkward and violent situations. It is easy to say that the endings are never pretty.

On the next page, it has girls fighting to the point where they start tearing each other’s dresses off. It gets quite nasty and violent.

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Video: This Is Possibly The Worst ‘Oil Check’ Ever In Wrestling

In wrestling, it is a sport with some of the toughest people out there. It is also a sport when you sometimes find out that your opponent is really good and can overwhelm you quite easily. When in that pickle, a wrestler can do one of two things: One, they can fight their hardest to eventually get a dominant position or two, they can purposely cheat to get an advantage. The ‘oil check’ is one of the dirtiest moves out there and it involves putting your fingers in your opponent’s rectum.

One might wonder why somebody would do this type of thing, but some people do anything to win when it comes to competition.

On the next page, it features the video of possibly the worst oil check ever in wrestling. It takes quite a while for the referee to catch on.

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Bodybuilder Is Put To Sleep By Female Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

Yet another case of a bodybuilder who thinks muscles win fights. In the video we can see a bodybuilder walk into a Jiu-Jitsu Dojo to apologize for a previous incident. The apology isn’t real, the guy actually wants to get slapped around by the master and choked out by a girl.

He first fights the master, who toys around with him for a while before handing him over to a girl. The girl is not your average girl, she happens to be a Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.

She has no trouble taking him down and putting him to sleep with a rear naked choke.

Guy Tries To Keep A Fight Going And Gets KO’d With One Punch

Street fights occur all the time. Most of them don’t even have a valid reason to begin with (if there ever is any).

Sometimes, friends want to break things up and maybe people should let them do it. As the guy in the video learned, it’s not always a good idea to try and keep the fight going. 

We have no idea why the guys on the ground were fighting. What we do know is the guy in the red shirt just wanted to spare his friend from receiving some extra punches. However, he was trying to break up the fight nicely and without violence.

But when some guy tried to stop him from doing so, in the calmest form you’ll ever see he was just forced to knock him out with one punch.