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Fight Video: Street Boxing Fight In Cuba Ends In Dramatic KO

Cuba is a country with a great history of boxers, particularly Olympic boxers. Since the 1980s, Cuban boxers have been dominant in all major international amateur competitions, including the Olympics. From 1968 in Mexico City to Sydney 2000, Cubans have participated in seven Olympic tournaments, winning twenty seven gold medals, thirteen silver medals, and seven bronze medals for a total of forty seven—a number unmatched by any country.

Cuba is the only country that can boast of two three-time Olympic Champions: Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon. Cuba’s amateur boxing continued to prevail. In fact, at the 2001 world Amateur boxing championships Cuba won more gold medals than the rest of the world combined. At the 2000 Olympic games, Cuban Boxing was the most successful out of all boxing teams that entered, picking up four gold medals.

That is why boxing is among the sports Cuban people practice regularly on the streets. In this video in particular you will see that on any Cuban street you can find people who have a talent for the sport, and people who can’t really take a punch. It’s all fun and games until one guy falls flat on his back and right on the curb.


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