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Fight Video: Girl In A Bra Gets Into A Nasty Catfight

In the ghetto, there are no rules when it comes to fighting. With two females getting in a fight, it is even worse. Hair pulling, scratching eyes, stomps on the ground and many more brutal things happen when they square off.

The bigger goal when it comes to fighting is humiliating the other person. If you have to pull out the other person’s hair, tear off their clothes or bite a mark in their skin. The worst outcome will end up happening when it comes to female streetfighting. They are doing more than just defending their pride, they are sending a message.

Savage instincts come out while fighting and some things that you don’t think you are capable just happen. Natural adrenaline kicks in and you are willing to do anything to protect yourself. Sometimes it involves picking up a weapon. You have to do what you have to do to get the advantage when it comes to fighting.

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