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Fight Video: Fat Guy Gets Into A Fight Over A Cheeseburger

In this day and age, one thing that matters quite a bit to people is getting what they want and getting it when they want. In this video, a man gets livid to the point where he is red in the face and it was all about not getting a cheeseburger at a fast food restaurant. There is another man in the video that hackles him and eggs him on because he thinks the situation is hilarious.


It is quite hilarious that America has come to this and the bystanders around are just laughing because the person that is freaking out over the cheeseburger obviously has a redneck accent, is fat, entitled and has to get his way. They even kept saying “America” because the fat man is a product of today’s stereotypical redneck American. He may be big and tough, but he does not have an ounce of cardio or technique. A lot of people feel that if they are big and have a loud voice, that they can just intimidate anyone because of their stature.

(click on page #2 tab below to see the fight over a cheeseburger)

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