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Video: The Fight That Made Kimbo Slice Famous

Kevin Ferguson passed away in 2016, but the man better known as Kimbo Slice left an impact on the MMA and street fighting world. He went from brawling in Florida back yards to headlining some of the biggest MMA events in the history of the sport. So how did Kimbo Slice get so famous?

Pedestrian TV

The internet is a magical place, even before YouTube came along viral videos existed and that is where Kimbo really took off. A video of him vs. a man named Big D was uploaded to the web and it kicked off what would be his unstoppable hype train.


The video is raw and to many that backyard street brawling type of fight that he was involved in was something you only saw in movies. His menacing look helped add to the myth of Kimbo Slice and the fact that in his fight against Big D he pummeled another behemoth of a man with relative ease and made his right eye look like hamburger meat just fed the hype machine. Rumors that Big D had lost his eye due to this bout circulated, although it has never been proven.

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