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Eddie Alvarez Opens Up After Losing The Belt: “I F*cking Blew It”

Eddie Alvarez took a hard loss last Saturday at UFC 205. He was not present at the post-fight press conference and kept a low profile since the weekend. However, on Tuesday he took to Instagram to talk about his loss to Conor McGregor.

First, the former lightweight champion congratulated McGregor and his camp for the win. He then assessed his own performance and talked about his mistakes and the original gameplan for the fight.

“As for my performance , the only thing I can honestly say was I f*cking blew it. I did nothing I trained, I did the complete opposite of what we planned on a daily basis for 10 weeks.”

Eddie said the game plan was to move left and “mostly wrestle.” Instead, he did the opposite, Alvarez kept walking towards McGregor’s powerful and clinical left hand.

“Instead I circled into his left hand and mostly boxed. Fighting the way I did was a for sure death sentence and the result was fitting. I say it all the time, there is really small margin for error at this level and I paid for my mistakes.”

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This isn’t the first time McGregor makes an opponent forget about the gameplan and just try to go out there to hit him, only to make them miss and pay the price.

Talking about prices, this was the most lucrative fight of Eddie’s career. The main reason he took the fight was to get paid. He made more than a $1 million but that doesn’t seem to matter to him right now.

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