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Details Inside: Update On Mark Hunt’s Gruesome Leg Injury

Mark Hunt is one of the most accomplished kickboxers to ever enter into MMA. He has some legendary walk-off knockouts over opponents such as Frank Mir and Roy Nelson and what is crazy is that both of these fighters is that they were known for having a great chin and could take one hell of a punch. This proves that Mark Hunt is on another level when it comes to power.


Mark Hunt was finished last Saturday by some brutal knees followed by punches from Alistair Overeem. Hunt landed some kicks during that fight that made many believe that he perhaps broke his own tibia bone because of how bad it looked. Horrible injures have happened in the past when a kick is checked or when their shin hits a certain part of their opponent’s leg.

Mark Hunt

On the next page, the details of Mark Hunt’s leg injury are revealed. It is uncertain that we will ever see Mark Hunt in the Octagon again.

(click on page #2 to see the details of Mark Hunt’s leg injury)

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