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Details Inside: “Rampage Aborted King Mo’s Baby”

Rampage Jackson fought King Mo back in 2014 and felt annoyed that King Mo tried to wrestle him the whole time. Rampage is an old school fighter that believes in knockout punches and slams. He cannot stand it when somebody just repeatedly shoots in for a takedown to avoid a stand-up battle.

King Mo and Rampage are set for a rematch on March, 31st and the difference with this fight is that it will take place at heavyweight. Rampage is 38 years old and does not make weight as well as he used to, so fighting at heavyweight will be a nice break for him. King Mo vows to knock Rampage out, but we shall see if he tries anything different in this rematch with Rampage.

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On the next page, Rampage talks about how he had to abort King Mo’s baby. Rampage is colorful in his description as usual and it is quite humorous.

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