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Details Inside: Georges St-Pierre And The UFC Reach An Agreement For GSP’s Return

Much has been said over the last few months about the return of Georges St-Pierre, a fighter many consider to be the greatest welterweight champion in the history of the UFC. GSP has been out of the cage for over 3 years, and when he left he was the undisputed champion and had just won (controversially) his ninth defense and 12th consecutive fight.

In the past Dana White claimed he believed St-Pierre was done with the sport and had no real interest of fighting again, but all that was before White and GSP had a meeting and try to solve their differences. Last week in Brooklyn White told the media that the UFC had been talking to GSP and that he and the fighter were in good terms now.

Said differences were mentioned by St-Pierre himself a couple years ago on The MMA Hour, where the fighter recalled a heated conversation with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.


“I’m not going to tell you exactly what was said, but I was very pissed off and I used a lot of F words. … I was very angry. They did not support me because of the testing issues for the doping, they did not support me for the anti-doping. And I told them, why they didn’t support for this, and I didn’t understand it. I said, ‘You guys need to wake up, because a lot of people are cheating, and stuff, and it’s a freaking joke. You guys are kind of protecting these guys, and it shouldn’t be like that.’ I was very angry.”

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