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Details Inside: Did Nick Diaz Just Call Out Tyron Woodley?

Nick Diaz has been out of action for more than two years, his last fight was on January 15, 2015 when he lost to Anderson Silva by unanimous decision, only to have it overturned to a no contest after both fighters tested positive for banned substances.

Before that, Nick was inactive for almost 2 years before losing a unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title, a fight that took place a year after he had also lost another unanimous decision, that time for the interim welterweight belt against Carlos Condit.

That means that since February of 2012, Nick has only fought three times, and they were all defeats. However, his name and popularity carry a big weight among MMA fans, which in turn means good business for the UFC, so to think he could be back to fight straight for the title is not impossible.

This weekend a rumor started going around about Nick Diaz wanting to fight Tyron Woodley after his lackluster perfomance on Saturday.


(The rumor originated on Twitter as you can see on the second page)

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