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Details Inside: Fedor Officially Has A Fight Date Set For Bellator

Fedor Emelianenko officially now has a fight in Bellator, he will be facing Matt Mitrione on February, 18th in San Jose California. He will be facing former UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione. The details are finally out.

Fedor faced a lot of heat for his fight against Fabio Maldonado. Many feel that Maldonado did enough to get a 10-8 and possibly even a 10-7 in the first round. Maldonado appealed it, but it was not officially changed.

Fedor has been referred to as the greatest heavyweight of all time. He may not have the speed, timing, toughness and power he once had, but Fedor still has world-class skill. Mitrione will be a great test for him at this point in his career.

The Details Are Finally Out!

Details inside for Fedor

This is a very exciting event for Bellator. It is crazy that we get to see Fedor in another mainstream organization. He is a special fighter and we will get to see what he still has left in him. Mitrione however would like to do nothing else than to spoil the Bellator debut of Fedor.

Many say that Fedor is just tarnishing his legacy for taking this risk. The fact of the matter is, he became known as the greatest for taking the risks that he always has throughout his career. Fedor has the heart of a lion and do what it takes to prove himself. He fears no man and he will face any man at any time.

It is sad that Fedor never entered the UFC, but it is easy to say that Fedor was beating the best in the world in Pride because he later defeated some of the main UFC champions of that time. It will be a treat to the hardcore fans from around the world to see this fight. Fedor is one of the greatest ever and hopefully he comes back to form.