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DEA Storms Gym In Steroid Sting, A UFC Fighter Among Those Present

A multi-state investigation into an alleged steroid distribution ring led to a DEA raid to the Iron Addicts gym in South Florida, as reported by Local 10 News.

According to an arrest warrant, the DEA began investigating the suspects in August 2015 after a confidential informant told authorities that a Miami-based company called the Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition Network was marketing and selling anabolic steroids on its website.

Ten people were arrested on warrants for selling anabolic steroids, including Richard Rodriguez, a part-owner of the business. Records show that Rodriguez owns the company, which is not licensed to distribute anabolic steroids.

Others arrested in the case were Edward Jacob Liff, Xzavier Apodaca, Byron Oliver, Erick Vittitow, Bader Alaskari, Bernard Duran, Jonathan Gonzalez and Rodriguez’s wife, Nancy Melo-Rodriguez.


The gym is reportedly well known in the bodybuilding community and attracts people from around the world, and even some MMA fighters have been known to train there, as a matter of fact one UFC fighter was actually in the gym when it all went down.

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