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Details Inside: Daycare Busted For Running Child’s Fight Club

A daycare facility in Woodbridge, Virginia had two full-time employees that forcefully made kids fight like fighters in a cage. This was totally against each kid’s will and they even matched each child up in tournaments according to

It is a shock as to why somebody would do this. It is rather sick and odd and it is also questionable how they got away with it for so long. Sarah Jordan and Kierra Spriggs are the daycare workers’ names and there is no telling as to how safe they will be in prison.

What is really crazy about this is that two individuals actually agreed to do this. It’s as if two psychopaths met in a job that they should not have had in the first place.

Some more disturbing details are that Spriggs and Jordan actually would target kids in the summer, dunk them in a pool and spray them with a powerful hose. They were sadistic to these kids everyday. One might wonder why somebody would even bring their kids back after one day. Jordan was known for feeding them fire flavored Cheetos and watching them cry.

It is certain that Jordan and Spriggs will have a lengthy prison sentence to fulfill and the details are on the next page.

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