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Dana White Tells UFC Champion Not To Be Such A ‘Drama Queen’

Ever since the UFC made Conor McGregor their superstar and allowed him to basically fight whoever he wanted whenever he felt like it -with the exception of UFC 200 when McGregor’s ego finally met one bigger than his, Dana White’s, other fighters began complaining that they weren’t receiving the same treatment and promotion.

Granted, the Irishman has delivered inside the cage and although a lot could still be said about how he made his way to the top, the truth remains that he destroyed Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, call it however you want but he did something many others had failed to do over the course of several years.

He then talked his way into an unfair lightweight championship fight against Eddie Alvarez. In his own words, let’s call a spade a spade, he had no right to get that bout if we focus only in terms of merits in the sport. However, the UFC is a business and nowadays what matters most is what sells more. Again, McGregor showed up to fight Alvarez and made him look like a chump, without a doubt another well-deserved victory that sent him to the record books.

McGregor 2 UFC belts

Like him or not, to a certain extent McGregor earned the right to get the money fights that every purist of the sport hates (but watches them anyway). Other fighters have tried to follow his footsteps without putting in the work and Dana White sent a message to one of those guys in particular.

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