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Dana White Reveals Plans For Yoel Romero After Title Shot Snub

It has recently been announced that Georges St-Pierre will receive the next middleweight title shot against Michael Bisping and it will most likely be towards the later part of this year. In the process, Romero was snubbed a title shot that he was promised against Michael Bisping.

Even though Georges St-Pierre will be a big draw against Bisping, but there seems to be a way bigger push for prize fights and big PPV draws rather than the best in the world facing each other. Without a doubt GSP is always legitimate competition, but he has not fought in 3 years and he will be moving up a weight class. It will be interesting to see how GSP will do against a full-size middleweight with really good takedown defense.


On the next page, Dana White will reveal what he is going to do with Romero. Romero definitely deserves this shot, but looks like he will have to wait longer.

(click on page #2 tab below to see what Dana White’s plans are for Yoel Romero.

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