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Dana White Fires 2 Top Ranked Fighters

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is still in the middle of a transition that impacts every single level of the organization. Heads continue to roll and nobody is safe. The latest UFC cuts consisted of two ranked fighters.

With a roster of over four hundred athletes it is clear that occasionally some fighters will be let go -and rightfully so, however there are a few decisions that are a little harder to understand than others. There are fighters in the roster that seem to get more opportunities than relatively unknown fighters that sometimes are just victims of the circumstances.

In the new direction the promotion seems to be going, contracts might be assigned based on popularity with the fans rather than an actual record competing in the sport. Take the case of Jake Ellenberger who not that long ago was in the middle of a bad streak and had won one of his last six, or even now, he has won two of his last eight, and yet he’s not going anywhere.


We could name a few other cases, like Johny Hendricks and his continuous struggle to make welterweight -which has finally pushed him to admit he’s a middleweight now. Or even Kelvin Gastelum who is in a very similar position to Hendrick’s, with the exception Gastelum is winning fights.

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