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Cro Cop Hints At Not Being Retired: Here Are 5 Potential Fights For Him

Mirko Cro Cop is one of the biggest legends of the heavyweight division in MMA history. He just won the Rizin HW Grand Prix tournament and he beat all 4 of his opponents by finish and one of them was King Mo. Cro Cop possesses possibly the most lethal high kick that has ever been used in MMA and he always uses the phrase:

“Right leg hospital, left leg cemetary!”

When Cro Cop won the HW tournament, he said that he is now retiring from the sport of MMA. He would do so on a 7-fight winning streak of all finishes and nobody could argue that.

According to the MMA Hour, these are Cro Cop’s words on the matter:

“That was definitely my last tournament. I have health problems and this is definitely the end of my career,” Cro Cop said on The MMA Hour. “I know I have announced my retirement before, but this is definitely it. It would be nice if I will be able to recover enough that I can have a farewell fight, maybe in Japan. It would be nice, but to tell you the truth I don’t know how the surgery will do.”

Here are 5 potential matchups for Cro Cop for his final bout:

5. Winner Of Sonnen/Ortiz


Chael Sonnen is fighting Tito Ortiz on January, 21st in the Bellator organization and the winner of that fight could potentially face Cro Cop for his final bout in Japan. Both fighters are a huge name in the sport and this would be quite a main event if one of them faced him. Both fighters are light-heavyweights, but each of them weigh nearly as much as Cro Cop at their walk around weights. Both of them are dynamic wrestlers and would most likely want to take it to the ground to avoid the lethal stand-up fighting of Mirko Cro Cop.

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