Crazy Street Fight Involving Crazy Redneck Women

As shown below, these two women really go at it. The more sensible out of the two was trying to be patient, but once here face got clawed at, it was time for war. It is uncertain if the woman in the pink outfit was intoxicated, but it is very possible as you can see.

In these types of fights, it seems to be over once somebody gets on top. It is unlikely that the lady on the bottom has ever trained in any type of martial arts at all. The lady on top however packs a decent punch and possibly has picked up a pair of boxing gloves before.

There is a lot of pride at stake with these types of fights and even when the fight was getting broken up, the lady in pink tried to pull the other person’s hair just to get some type of edge out of the deal after she got her ass kicked. Desperation comes in all forms and it is definitely present during this redneck fight.

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