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Cody Garbrandt Is “Obsessed” With His Next Opponent

In something we hardly ever see in contact sports, the newly crowned UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt is sturdily seeking a rematch with Dominick Cruz -the champion he just dethroned and who he supposedly hates.

Garbrandt is currently enjoying the popularity and spotlight of being the title holder. He has been travelling across the United States making appearances on different talk shows. After one of these presentations, Cody was approached by TMZ and was asked what he thinks about Dominick Cruz and if there’s a chance they’ll ever be friends. Cody decided to go in a different direction.

“No, there’s a rematch. He’s my enemy for the things that he said and there’s a rematch. He’s still up there, there’s me and there’s everyone else but he’s right there. There’s a rematch once he gets his confidence back and thinks that he can try me for my title”


TMZ invited the former champion, and this is what Dominick Cruz had to say about Garbrandt’s comments:

“I expected him to be mad at me from that camp, I embarrassed him pretty good leading up to it with the things that I said. They were the honest truth and he proved they were the truth by getting mad. He keeps saying I’m at the top, rematch, rematch. I mean, you got the title, why are you asking to rematch me?”

“He knows I’m better than him. He wants the rematch because he knows that I’m the only fight that really raises the bar in this division.”

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