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Cody Garbrandt Explains Why A Fight With TJ Dillashaw Doesn’t Make Sense

Cody Garbrandt is the UFC’s newest champion. There has been quite a bit of buzz already about who he fights next and everyone speculates that TJ Dillashaw is the most logical choice for the title shot. Garbrandt and Dillashaw have history together because they both trained a long time together at Team Alpha Male. That in itself would be a big draw, but Garbrandt is not sure that Dillashaw is the smartest choice for his next opponent.

The beef of the Team Alpha Male and Duane Ludwig’s gym in Denver is enough to fire up the fans. This could have the same type of hype that the Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones bout that took place years ago. John Lineker and Rafael Assuncao would be the next logical choices, but they also lost to Dillashaw. One could speculate that Garbrandt is ducking Dillashaw because it is possible that Dillashaw got the better of him in practice, but that is also not the reason.

A trend as of late is fighters picking and choosing their fights because of the Conor McGregor effect that it stirring up everything. Of course everyone wants to fight Conor McGregor, but there is a 2-division divide between Garbrandt and McGregor. Garbrandt has also thrown Jose Aldo’s name in the hat for a superfight. Garbrandt is calling one hell of a lot of shots for a person that just became champion. As the long-time UFC champion Matt Hughes says:

“You are not a true champion until you defend your belt.”

Because of this long time belief of what makes a champion, many people question Conor McGregor because he has never defended any of his belts. Khabib Nurmagomedov seems to be the logical choice for McGregor, but the money has to be right for it. Garbrandt also mentions similar things when it comes to Dillashaw. Dillashaw is the clear #1 contender, but Garbrandt explains his reservations about fighting him on the next page.

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