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Female Street Fight in Latin America: Karate vs Boxing

We don’t know why the fight broke out but we quickly see the style difference between the fighters. In the first 10 seconds of the fight we can see karate kicks and a few boxing punches. There is a weight difference but the smaller girl doesn’t seem to care about her disadvantage.

The woman in jeans has the weight advantage, while the woman in shorts seems to have longer reach. However, the karate stance and the repeated jump kicks keep the distance in favor of the woman in jeans.

Female Street Fight - Kick

The fight takes place in Costa Rica, the only country in the world without an army and considered among the most peaceful in the planet. However, its streets don’t reflect that, as people gather around the women and nobody tries to break up the fight.

The first moment when people intervene is when an innocent child gets knocked down in the heat of battle. While they make sure he’s ok, the woman in shorts sees an opportunity and grabs her opponent by the hair and the bout continues.

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