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Can Legend BJ Penn Pull Off A Win? Relive His Greatest Video Highlights

At age 38 and after 2 years of retirement, MMA legend and UFC Hall of Fame fighter BJ Penn is set to return to the octagon this weekend. His opponent is a flashy hot prospect from Mexico, Yair ‘El Pantera’ Rodriguez, currently ranked #10 in the featherweight division.

For many people, Penn should have stayed retired as they believe he has nothing left to prove and can only affect his legacy if he were to lose this Sunday. However Penn is very confident on himself. He expects to not only take home the victory but he also says his plan is to return quickly to action afterwards and make his way to a third world title -he won UFC titles at welterweight and lightweight.

With a professional record of 16-10-2 and only one victory in his last seven fights, Penn is clearly the underdog going into the fight. But the reality is that in the fight game you can never rule out an explosive and unpredictable fighter like ‘The Prodigy’.


Many things can be said about BJ Penn, but he has always been a fan favorite. His ups and downs never mattered, when Penn was fighting the world had to see. There’s no better explanation for that than one given by Penn himself:

“There’s just something about BJ Penn that gets people amped up. You don’t know what’s gonna happen, but something’s gonna happen. He might disappoint you, he might make you happy, he might make you cry, he might make you jump out of your chair, but he’ll do something to you.”

In case you are new to the world of MMA or you simply forgot all about Penn’s fights, here’s a short video with some of his highlights to get you pumped up for Sunday and maybe reconsider on who you think will win the fight.

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