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Bum Fights Video: Rufus The Stuntbum Is a Savage.

In the video below, it shows the different types of stunts that Rufus had to perform. You can clearly see the blood and cuts from his stunts to the point where you can almost see his bones. He went down the stairs in a shopping cart and rolled down rocky terrains with just his body.

Disturbingly, Rufus kept running head first into quite a few objects in this video and he thought that he was a star in the making. More than likely he suffered brain damage because of this. Rufus suffered from extreme alcoholism and he just kept continuing to perform these stunts because he was able to get money and booze.

Today Rufus has now been sober for years and was the inspiration for a self-help book based on overcoming alcoholism. He was the pioneer of bumfights, but regrets his decision of being a part of it.

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