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Bum Fights Video: Rufus The Stuntbum Is a Savage.

As shown below Rufus roughs up another bum that was also in the videos. Rufus shows no remorse for injuring another person and blindly follows the people that made the production of Bumfights because they paid him, took him to Vegas and gave him a lot of free meals. What he did not know at that time was all the money that they were making off of him.

In the video below, it has different clips of other people that live on the street fighting and talking shit to other people. Rufus The Stuntbum appears in different parts of the video and he even injures a man that used to be his friend. Rufus shows off his knockout power and submission skills as he takes out his buddy for a few measly dollars.

Rufus fights at 50:34 of this video)

(click on page #3 to see a montage of Rufus The Stuntbum)

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