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Bum Fights Video: Rufus The Stuntbum Is a Savage.

Years ago, Rufus The Stuntbum was paid 10 dollars per stunt and the people that paid him were fined for crimes against humanity and were banned from making any sort of profit off of homeless people that they were bribing. When performing the stunts, Rufus was intoxicated most of the time and received injuries multiple times and even bleed.

Rufus suffered from extreme alcoholism and was homeless at the time that these videos were made. Rufus is the main face of Bumfights and because of this type of exposure, the police and different media companies are cracking down on these types of videos that are being made. A lot of people find them hilarious, but it is at the cost of the health and safety of an individual struggling with life and sometimes not fully capable of choices they make.

On certain videos, Rufus The Stuntbum does get in fight with others and he always seems to win. He has lived on the streets and had to learn to defend himself. Rufus has heavy hands and he is known to choke somebody out if they are being a ‘bitch’.

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