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Bruce Buffer: “Amanda Nunes Is Like Chuck Liddell With A Clitoris”

After UFC 207 everyone has given their two cents about Ronda Rousey, now was the turn of the veteran voice of the octagon. Bruce Buffer was recently on The Pony Hour Podcast and gave his opinion about both Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes.

“Rousey knew that she was about to go into war with fighters that were not the fighters she was armbarring on a regular basis. She was about to go to war, with strikers.

“I thought she was focused, but she just got her ass handed to her. She came into Vegas, on Monday or Friday previous, weighing 135 lbs, instead of coming in on 150 or whatever, and having to lose 15 lbs in 5 days. That’s focused! She came in for the kill.”

“In the case of Amanda Nunes, who is like Chuck Liddell with a clitoris. It’s like — and minus the penis — this is a woman who can move back and forward, who doesn’t punch and hit you in the face, she punches through your head. She’s probably going to hold that belt for a long time.”


“The conjecture is out there. Ronda needs a new training camp! Why? There’s no excuse in my mind — and I think I have the right to say this because I have been involved in fighting for 30 years, far beyond the UFC. I grew up around fighting. I have fought myself more times than I remember, in the streets, and in the ring. I’ve never had a pro-fight. I know what it’s like to take punches. That’s why I introduce these guys the way I would want to be introduced. That’s part of the emphasis of why I do that.”

“She came in being told, in Holly’s case, that she was invincible. Wrong! Nobody is invincible. Okay? She came in to this next fight, without any improvement to be seen in the 48 seconds that we saw. Flat footed, no head movement, walking into a devastating striker to fight her fight. Bad judgement!”

“She was out on the second or third punch, fought on instinct. In a fight like that, when you are halfway on queer street, those punches you take after that, are the punches that could affect you the rest of your life. I’ve had multiple concussions. I’ve had to stop fighting when I was 32, because according to my doctor, it was the 2nd concussion. No, it was the 2nd concussion he knew of. God knows what’s in store for me in the future, but so far so good.”

But don’t take our word for it, listen to Bruce’s comparison and the rest of the interview where he discusses his wrestling days and the record he holds in the state of Pennsylvania on the video in the next page:

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