Stann rips into Romero.
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Video: Brian Stann Rips Yoel Romero A New One For “Cheating”

Brian Stann commented on Yoel Romero’s antics inside of the cage and rips him a new one. Stann mentions how Romero is tarnishing his legacy because of his antics and cheating inside and outside of the UFC Octagon.

Yoel Romero is infamous for grabbing the fence, PED use (even though it was proven as a tainted supplement), sitting on the stool too long and other antics as well. When Stann was in the UFC, he was known as a man with high integrity. Stann was never found guilty of cheating in any way and he was fed up with going against fighters that did cheat. Stann is in big favor of always having more strict testing when it comes to PED’s.

Romero will now face Michael Bisping sometime for the UFC middleweight belt. Romero was behind in his last fight against Chris Weidman, but came back to land a flying knee and win. There was a lot of controversy about that fight because Romero poured water all over his body in between rounds.

It will be interesting if the UFC comes up with stricter cornering rules because of Romero’s antics. Romero seems to do something controversial in about every fight that he is involved in.


On the next page, Stann talks about the situation very bluntly. Even though Stann is a very objective analyst, he is not afraid to speak his mind about cheaters.

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