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BJ Penn Releases Statement After Loss To Yair Rodriguez

BJ Penn had high hopes going into his bout with Yair Rodriguez, but of course things did not work out for him. Penn was going for one more title run, but realized that he is not the same fighter that he once was earlier in his career. Not to take anything away from Rodriguez, but last Sunday was not Penn’s best performance.

Rodriguez was able to pick apart Penn with very flashy kicks and his speed was absolutely overwhelming. For years, Penn was able to overwhelm his opponents with skill, speed and power, but that is not the case anymore. MMA has evolved quite a bit and there are so many top-level fighters in the UFC that are working hard to be the best in the world.


On the next page, Penn releases a statement about his loss and opens up to the public. It was hard to see a legend like that lose, but it shows how battles affect fighters, how age is a factor and how other fighters are evolving.

(click on page #2 to see BJ Penn’s statement)

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