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Michael Bisping Being Sued For Choking Teenager at 24-Hour Fitness

Michael Bisping Being Sued For Choking Teenager at 24-Hour Fitness

Just nine days ahead of his UFC 217 headliner bout with former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Michael Bisping has even more on his plate than a hard-hitting wrestling savvy Canadian.

According to the story first covered by TMZ The UFC middleweight champion is being sued by a 19 year old in California. He claims Bisping choked him at a 24-hour fitness gym in July.

The plaintiff, Antonio Georgakopoulos is suing for assault, battery and false imprisonment.The report was filed Monday in California Superior Court. The alleged incident took place at a 24-Hour Fitness gym on July 31.


The complaint was written by attorney Gavril T. Gabriel. It states that Georgakopolous was at the 24-hour fitness gym exercising with a friend. The friend claims to have heard Bisping yelling at Georgakopoulous for taking his weights, saying things such as “you little punk,” as well as “you don’t know who I am!”

The complaint goes on to allege that Michael then extended his right arm and “choked” Georgakopoulous for “two to three seconds”. “A larger man” stepped in and broke up the altercation. Then Bisping suggested the two take it outside. As shown above, Michael can so some damage. Luckily the staff stepped in to diffuse the situation after a small crowd began to gather. Anaheim police department eventually arrived and issues a private persons arrest form for Bisping. To summarize Sgt. Daron Wyatt who spoke with MMA Fighting, no arrest was actually made,

“It was determined there was insufficient evidence to file a criminal case”.


Several MMA media outlets have reached out to Michael and his team. A statement on the lawsuit has not yet been publically made.


On November 4th, UFC 217 Bisping is set to defend his title versus former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. Live in New York.

The complaint in its entirety can be viewed here. 


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