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This Could Be Bellator’s Light-Heavyweight Division Really Soon

The UFC has given up quite a bit of talent as of late and Bellator has been the main company to acquire each fighter that they have released. The light-heavyweight division has been the division that a lot of people have focused on as of late in Bellator and the division is getting to be stacked.

Phil Davis is a former UFC light-heavyweight that is now the Bellator light-heavyweight champion. There is quite a bit of depth to the division and it is no joke to become a Bellator champion. Below and on the next few pages are 5 fighters that could enhance Bellator’s light-heavyweight division even more.

1. Misha Cirkunov


Misha Cirkunov is a beast of a light-heavyweight and Dana White just let him go for flaking on his contract. It is possible that he will now be acquired in the Bellator light-heavyweight division where he could be a legitimate threat to the title. He was undefeated in the UFC and was extremely dangerous.

(click on the page # tabs below to see the net 4 fighters that could end up being in Bellator’s light-heavyweight division)

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