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Bellator Vs UFC, What Event Should You Watch Tonight?

It is great when it is fight night Saturday, but it is hard to choose between two events. Bellator has an exciting event with Chandler vs Henderson and the UFC has Bader vs Nogueira 2. It is quite hard to determine which fights to watch.

Another factor is that they both start at the same time. That makes the problem even worse. The starting time for each event is 9pm Eastern time. The only difference is that the UFC event has 6 scheduled bouts on the main card and Bellator has only 5 events. Bellator will stream their main card from Spike TV and the UFC will do theirs from FS1. Another factor to take into play is what channels you have at your home.


The lucky thing however is that it is possible to see both main events depending on the outcome of the fights. Each event may be a bunch of early finishes or they could have lots of decisions.

The only problem is that if the UFC event has a lot of finishes, the main event could stream at the same time as the Bellator main event.


It is mainly up to the viewer to decide, but the next couple of pages will have some suggestions.

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