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Audio: Tyron Woodley Says “Dana White Is The Biggest Drama Queen”

Tyron Woodley has said a few times that he believes he is one of the least promoted champions in the history of the UFC and he doesn’t feel the promotion is that interested in building him up as a product. Recently Dana White talked about the situation and said Woodley could be a mega star but his problem was being a bit of a drama queen.

In this weeks episode of The MMA Hour, the welterweight champion talked about Dana’s comments and what he and the UFC believe is the mold for a champion to behave and make money for them. Yes, he was referring to Conor McGregor and yes he did talk about him as well.

“How is Dana White gonna call me a drama queen? He’s the biggest drama queen. I learned from the best. I just think that we’ve seen Dana, if you get Dana mad, he gets really mad. And then really quickly — I think he’s mad at so many people, I think he forgets he’s mad at you. And he almost just wipes it from his memory. I thought it was actually kind of funny when he called me a drama queen, and he called me and he told me that he said that, and I told him ‘man, you’re the drama queen!’ I didn’t take it personal.”


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