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5 Most Bizarre Things That MMA Fighters Have Ever Done

A lot of Bizarre things happen in MMA. They happen both inside and outside of the cage. Some of the things have even happened at the ultimate fighter house.

Some of the things that fighters do are for attention and sometimes it is just a lack of sanity. It just takes that right moment or setting to top it off.

Strange and bizarre things that people do is not exactly marketability. Sometimes the UFC gets fed up with these types of characters and does not want anything to do with them because of their antics.

Below and on the next few pages are the top 5 bizarre things that MMA fighters have ever done.

5. “Let Me Bang Bro”

Julian Lane was one of the most bizarre figures ever on The Ultimate Fighter. He is still a professional MMA fighter, but will always be known as the “Let me bang bro” guy that was on the show.

Maybe alcohol just did strange things to Lane, but to start sobbing while saying “Let me bang bro” is just an act of instability.

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