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The Art And Components Of The Flying Knee

The flying knee is one of the most dynamic and crushing moves used in MMA. Tonight we were able to see one of the most cleanly landed flying knees in MMA history when Michael ‘Venom’ Page annihilated Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos with one that left Cyborg gripping his head in agony on the mat at Bellator 158. It was confirmed by his x-rays that Cyborg actually had a fractured skull because of that knee.

There are quite a few factors as to why the ‘MVP’ flying knee was so devastating and here are a few of them that are on this page and the next page as well:

1. Perfect Timing

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The timing on the knee from ‘MVP’ was impeccable as Cyborg was coming forward and MVP used Cyborg’s momentum against him for a high amount of force as he landed the knee as Cyborg was coming forward. Paul Daley also had perfect timing against Brennan Ward months later in Bellator as shown above.

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