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3 UFC Champions Who Will Lose Their Belts In 2017

The UFC saw many new champions be crowned in 2016: Cody Garbrandt, Conor McGregor (lightweight title), Tyron Woodley, Michael Bisping, Stipe Miocic, Miesha Tate (briefly) and Amanda Nunes. The question is, how many of those champions will be able to hold to their belts for the rest of the year.

Few things can be certain in the world of MMA, one of those things could be the fact that Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson will remain the flyweight champion at least for the rest of this year. As for the rest of the champions, competition looks tough and it is more than likely that a few belts will change owners in the months to come. These are our 3 predictions for fighters who will lose their belts in their next fights.


1. Michael Bisping
The veteran shocked the world by knocking out Luke Rockhold, but then, in a very smart move on his behalf, he has been ducking the top contenders. First he gave a title shot to retiring veteran Dan Henderson (and almost lost), now he’s trying his best not to fight Yoel Romero (or any of the other top guys for that matter) and is holding on to a potential money fight against Georges St-Pierre. Whichever fight he ends up taking, Bisping doesn’t have the tools to beat either Romero nor GSP, it’s just a matter of time to have a new middleweight champion.

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